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This is our first internal Sherpa inspiration blog post 🥳

We'll be sharing on a regular basis, so any feedback, references, questions, or thoughts, send them our way!


Today's Inspiration

Andrew Sketch has some amazing and colourful work! Great Heads & Tales inspiration maybe?? 😬

This motion graphics combination and workflow in particular👇🏼 A fantastic reference for social-first style content that has a great level of quality to it!

A.I. Talk

Would like to share some work created just before joining the team (I spoke a bit about this during my interview stage).

A good friend of mine was giving a presentation at SXSW on the emerging AI technologies and what it means to the creative process now. Are AI technologies making things less creative, or is it just another tool... It's a long presentaiton which you can check out here if you wish!

For context on the short trailer it draws parrallels to the famous The Treachery of Images painting. There's a great nerdwriter video on the image itself, which has so many parrallels in everything that's happening today!

"It is both mischievous and ingenious. Simply put, this is not a pipe, because it is a painting of a pipe, not the pipe itself. Yet, we may scratch our heads at first at this absurdity and then maybe allow ourselves to stretch this further to say that what we have is an electronic image of the painting, not the painting itself." - Maaz Belkheir,

All the imagery, movement and voice-over was created using AI tools. The ideas, concepts and editing though, all human! 🐵

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