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Director: Jesse Richards

Director: Jesse Richards

Director Jesse Richards is a visual magician, specialising in fast-paced TVCs and online content.

Just don’t ask him to do a card trick. 

Jesse has impressive dual capabilities. He is at home with witty dialogue, cheeky humour, and honest, heartfelt, thought-provoking pieces. His adaptive and enthusiastic approach to directing enables him to extract the best performance from talent, and work collaboratively and effectively with crews. Jesse injects all his projects with boundless energy, fostering creativity and camaraderie to yield the best results.

He has worked across celebrated advertising campaigns such as Movember's 90s inspired Dial-a-dad series, spruiking a new parenting resource tool for parents, a tongue-twisting dialogue packed comedy piece for McCain's Beer Battered Chips, a sci-fi techy bonanza for TedX Melbourne and a less sci-fi but still techy spot for Reece's design app (oooh fancy).

In the narrative/fiction category, his short film Where We Live has been selected for over 30 festivals worldwide and won accolades at LA Shorts, Hollywood Screenings, Sydney World Film Fest, South London Shorts, Asia International Film Fest and Canada’s Vaughan International Film festival. His 2021 short film Grounded has won several awards and placed in over 15 film festivals this year alone.


He also dabbles in the music world, recently directing the newest music video for Spiderbait (not Black Betty). 

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