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Friday, 19th of January, 2024...

Cold, rainy, cozy, some might say the perfect kind of day for some Friday inspirations!


A style we're loving at the moment is this simple yet dynamic drop-in on content, the sound design really brings it all to life!

I'm also seeing horizontal video in vertical outputs all over the place atm? What do we think? Personally... bit annoying, I tend to scrub past. Wish Instagram had an autorotate mode.

Lunch & Learn...

WENT VIRAL!! Amazing session from Erin Oliver 🙌🏼


After reading Kate Thompsons' email on Pinterest Creative Best Practices, it prompted me to go back to my own Pinterest page and check in on some of the great references saved. If anyone else is on Pinterest follow along!

Just love these images from The Taste of Tea

Also in the news...

The AI-powered Rabbit OS behind the Rabbit R1 is essentially a dedicated virtual assistant that’s designed to interact with your favorite apps like a kind of universal controller. The OS is built upon a “Large Action Model” trained to interact with common apps like Spotify and Uber to get things done; from sending messages, controlling music, making online purchases, and more.

*No AI was harmed in the creation of this blog.


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