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Friday, 2nd of February, 2024...

Jasmine Burford is our Friday inspiration! 🥳🥳🥳

Jasmine is applying for the 30U30, which at the same time celebrates the young guns of the media, marketing and advertising industries while making the Sherpa team feel old.

Extraordinary achievements already, regardless of the result! The Sherpa team and the wider Hardie Grant network wish you go luck! 🤞

Watch her submission here:


There were some interesting challenges in this one, mainly around audio and needing to shoot directly into camera, which allowed me to explore how AI can help using

It's certainly far from perfect and doesn't replace a good lapel mic, but considering where it came from, it brought it back to an acceptable result for application purposes!

Before / After Example:

*AI was severely disfigured during the creation of this blog.


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