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Friday, 5th of January...

January 5th is marked by some truly historical events. 1649, Francesco Cavalli's opera "Giasone" premiered in Venice. 1757, Louis XV of France survived an assassination attempt. 1933, the Golden Gate Bridge's construction began in San Francisco.

But this day's legacy belongs to 2024. The release of the second-ever blog post for Sherpa.


Today's Creative Inspiration

ento.incognito creates some stunning work. But what I love about their content is the bts breakdowns, not only are they informative but they are a great want to showcase the work and artists behind the work.

A.I. Chit Chat 🤖

How fast things are moving, and how interesting and exciting that there is a film festival for AI generated imagery only. Which I think is an amazing thing. We should be able to create things the old fashioned ways and the new fashioned ways, and all the ways in between and find platforms for it all.

Here's the winner from last year...

Gen48 was another festival where creators have 48 hours to create an AI generated short film, with some amazing results.

Also in the news...

13 Year old clocks Tetris for the firs time after 34 years...

- Written by hand, by human :)


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