Director Andrew Coyle and the Sherpa team worked with the Sense Agency to bring Shell Gunkmonster Reloaded spot to life. By using some existing VFX elements that we inherited from the original European spot we were able to seamlessly redo the spot for local markets. Our challenge was to change the car to the HSV Racing Team’s car and then VFX around a Shell Petrol station and some internal elements. Also precisely match the movement of the car to the original spot as it raced up a mountain road. So it was an extremely technical VFX shoot that Andrew has had a lot of experience with and using DOP Shyam Ediriweera was a great help as his attention to detail in this shoot was crucial. As was VFX artist Paul Mitchell at C4 who brought all the footage together and built a variety of real life 3D assets. It truly was a world class spot for an international brand.