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Pinch, zooooom!

Love this!

Swooosh! A breakdown...

A really fun technique that's not that technically challenging to complete, perhaps just a little time consuming though!


Canva Keynote...

There was A LOT going on in the Canva keynote this morning... I'm sure there's tons of cool features coming, hard to get past those elevator transitions and matching outfits though!

  • Writer's pictureLeigh Miller

Fashion, graphics and fancy editing

Some excellent references on how to work with only still imagery to create dynamic videos


The Twist

For the next TikToks out there Mimi!


Relax, it's an iPhone

Love this Australian-made iPhone ad!

“Swoop” showcases the durability of the device’s Ceramic Shield through a uniquely-Australian tale of an office worker attempting to escape an oncoming magpie."

Sherpa's had a really busy few weeks! Tons of fun work being done with HCF Netball and Yumi Stynes, Victor Chang, MIFGS, Forty Winks, and so many more great projects in the pipeline that we can't wait to get into production!


Really fun dance production video for Nike


Loving Mat Voyce fun vibrant motion graphics work!


AI film with heart...

This is the first AI-generated imagery short I've seen that has some real heart to it!

Using OpenAI's yet-to-be-realised Sora, text to video, Shy Kids generated some lovely, fairly consistent imagery while combining their own very human storytelling to give this short real heart.

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