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Enjoy this video from OPPO in Mexico.

So many lovely shots and unique styles combined to make something beautiful! There are plenty of shots that could be used as inspiration even for single TikToks!

And this mesmerising motion graphics video of David Bowie is such a good inspiration.

Can see this style being used for many things throughout the HG network!

Welcome to Freaky Friday edition of 'Inspo' - I don't know about you, but this video demonstrating the evolution in AI - 'speech-to-speech' me the HEEBIE-JEEBIES...!

Check out this unique approach to the 'standard' piece-to-Camera interviews. A great way to showcase a workspace or environment whilst capturing key messages.

What do you think about this origami animation approach...? Pretty impressive, if you would like to know how it was achieved let us know!

A great way to tell stories through social media? With a bit of thought, and Canva, these stories from Melbourne Victory did great work to keep you clicking through the feed becomes a story and keeps you interested. I even found myself going back and clicking through it again.

Now if only our on-field talent was as good as their social media department...

Simple yet effective product video? Maybe a little too hectic? 😂

We love this cute little animation and story. What caught my attention was also the integration of social media into the story and transitions.

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