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Is this the true beginning of VR? Many have tried, but is this next-level tech going to be part of our everyday lives? Apple would have us believe so! We are loving the voice-to-text application, as seen in the examples of how it is being used below. It opens up a world of possibilities for those with hearing challenges. The deep fake also opens up a whole lot of possibilities...!

Would you consider wearing one of these around the house as proposed in the launch ad for Apple?

Side note... Art or Vandalism? Abandoned buildings in LA have opened discussion on this age-old debate. What do you think?

Jasmine Burford is our Friday inspiration! 🥳🥳🥳

Jasmine is applying for the 30U30, which at the same time celebrates the young guns of the media, marketing and advertising industries while making the Sherpa team feel old.

Extraordinary achievements already, regardless of the result! The Sherpa team and the wider Hardie Grant network wish you go luck! 🤞

Watch her submission here:


There were some interesting challenges in this one, mainly around audio and needing to shoot directly into camera, which allowed me to explore how AI can help using

It's certainly far from perfect and doesn't replace a good lapel mic, but considering where it came from, it brought it back to an acceptable result for application purposes!

Before / After Example:

*AI was severely disfigured during the creation of this blog.

Feels like Friday...but it's Thursday, lucky at Sherpa we stay inspired e'ryday of the week!


As per our Lunch & Learn, TikTok IS the new search engine, and they have launched a campaign trumpeting the fact. Do you use TikTok in this way? I just started, and I'm now obsessed. I'm also obsessed with this clever campaign platform and the way the camera has been integrated into the scenes. Check it out!

Somewhat simple and very effect way to use Google Earth...!

It's fashion week!

For you fashionistas out there... I'm looking at you, Scott! I am sure you have been drooling over the various shows—'Schiaparelli,' and Zendaya attending the show itself was a highlight for me. I am also obsessed with this simple and effective video from Balenciaga.

*AI was harmed in the creation of this blog.

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